The project has strong links with the film and DVD distributor Studio Canal which owns the rights to key British Eastmancolor films, including Poor Cow, Quatermass and the Pit, Don’t Look Now, and many Hammer and Carry On films. Keith Johnston has previously advised Studio Canal on selection strategies for DVD catalogue releases, and was instrumental in recommending Ealing Studios’ colour films (e.g. Out of the Clouds) and other British titles (Woman in a Dressing Gown) for DVD release. The Studio Canal catalogue contains over 100 relevant films from this period. The partnership will be mutually beneficial as it will inform both the research and potential impact across the company’s commercial activities. Studio Canal will consider relevant project research findings when making restoration decisions, working with the project around relevant titles such as upcoming anniversary releases.


Liaising with the BFI through project consultant Kieron Webb, the project will report key findings to BFI teams responsible for restoration and screening policy. This relationship will allow the project to play a supporting curatorial role, enabling the BFI to better understand their collection, with a view to identifying key Eastmancolor films for restoration, presentation and release.


Sarah Street has strong links with the interdisciplinary GB Colour Group, which considers all aspects of colour, including artistic expression and science. The Colour Group has a link with the British Film Institute and has established an annual Colour Film conference platform, co-organised with HTW Berlin – University of Applied Sciences Berlin.  As part of the 2017 conference the project team will work with them to develop and deliver a workshop around the economics, aesthetics and industrial history of British Eastmancolor. The workshop will be open to academics working across different disciplines, artists and a public audience. This will enable the group to lobby for more preservation of Eastmancolor as a key colour technology. For more infomation on the Colour Group see

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