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Richard Williams: The Artistic Animator’s Vision 

by Dr Carolyn Rickards, Research Associate. A review in Kinematograph Weekly from early 1959 heralded the release of a new British animated film: ‘three little men go to an island – their names are Truth, Good and Beauty.  They argue, the film enters the realm of the fantastic as they try to impress each other. […]

Innovation and Experimentation Pt.2: The Institute of Amateur Cinematographers Collection at the East Anglian Film Archive

by Paul Frith, Post-Doc Research Associate on The Eastmancolor Revolution Project As I mentioned in a previous blog for the project website (‘Innovation and Experimentation’, 19 April 2017), as a professional film stock, Eastmancolor was rarely used in amateur filmmaking. That’s not to suggest that the amateurs were unable to produce colour images to rival […]