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What’s in a Name? Eastmancolor, Eastman Colour and colour brand identity

As our project progresses, we’ve started to unpick a couple of issues with the “Eastmancolor” part of our title and focus. First, in the initial decade of its growing use in the British film industry (approximately 1953-1963) there is no agreed usage of the word(s) as a trademark or specific process. Is it one word […]

Colour Group GB’s Second International Conference ‘Colour in Film’ (27/03/17 – 29/03/17)

Our First Project Event  We’re introducing a special screening on Monday 27th March and then on Wednesday 29th we’ve curated a half-day of talks that relate to our project’s Eastmancolor focus. It’s our first public event, and a chance for us to present our project’s interests and even some (very initial) findings. Our Monday screening […]